4 Budget-Friendly Date Nights Near Madison, TN

13966964615_4ee865458dHaving a date night in Madison doesn’t mean that you will have to break your wallet in order to enjoy the evening with the one you love. These destinations are affordable and will give you a unique experience to share on your night out on the town. When you are this close to the Music City, there are plenty of options to enjoy the evening and these are some of the most affordable in the area.

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The Top 4 Things to Do in Madison, TN

madisonLying just a few miles north of downtown Nashville, Madison, Tennessee, has much to offer those who have a chance to visit this charming and historic neighborhood. The city is easy to reach from anywhere in the region due to its close proximity to major highways and interstates. Madison plays host to one of the area’s major modern shopping areas that includes major chain retailers as well as unique local businesses, while at the same time offering visitors a glimpse into the past, with sites such as the Nashville National Cemetery and The Historic Hermitage, the home of President Andrew Jackson.

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The 5 Most Famous Locations to Visit in Nashville

guitarNashville is an old city with a rich history. If you are new to the area or visiting for the hundredth time, there are five famous locations in Nashville that you absolutely must visit. All known for their strong ties to the past, these Nashville landmarks are representative of a bygone era and wonderful places to visit with friends or family. You will no doubt note the strong emphasis on music here (Nashville is “Music City” after all), so lovers of country, rock, and everything in between will find plenty to enjoy.

1. The Grand Ole Opry

Perhaps the most famous stage in country music, the Grand Ole Opry was originally a radio show when it debuted in 1925. The show went on the road and bounced among venues before settling down for good in 1974. With 4,400 seats, Opryland hosts performances every weekend, blending old time favorites with young newcomers. If you are visiting Nashville, you absolutely must stop in for a show.

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Is It Better to Lease or Buy a New Buick?

buyleaseDeciding whether you want to lease or buy a new Buick is a choice that anyone looking at new vehicles has to consider. Buying a brand new Buick will certainly have its own perks, but leasing could be the best option if you are looking to enjoying that new car smell for years to come.


Depending on your cash flow and credit, purchasing or leasing could be viable options. If you have a steady income and want to enjoy a new vehicle every few years, leasing will be a much more affordable option. With leasing a new Buick, you will have a less expensive monthly payment. Car dealerships typically do not need a down payment when you decide to go with a lease option instead of purchasing, which saves money up front as well. The monthly price of the vehicle will remain the same for the entire lease agreement.

If you decide that purchasing a new Buick is the way you want to go, you will usually need a down payment and a more expensive monthly payment. Even though you will be paying more up front, you will own the vehicle without any other payments due after the loan.

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The Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in Nashville

goWhether you are a “90’s kid” or someone who is just taking part in the current fad that is ‘Pokemon Go’, you have probably witnessed several hundred people wondering aimlessly in populated areas on their smartphones. While seeing pedestrians wondering aimlessly on smart phones isn’t all too uncommon, you may have noticed that many of them are wondering in the same areas and swiping with their index fingers. That is because they are catching ‘virtual Pokemon’ that are ‘hiding’ in the real world. ┬áThese Pokemon pop up and challenge you to catch them by throwing ‘Pokeballs’ at them in order to capture the monster. So what’s the big deal with this?

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The 5 Most Useful Car Hacks You Need Now

carhacksEveryone knows that you can use your car’s floor mats to get unstuck in icy conditions, or that you should park in the shade in hot weather. However, there are lots of┬áless well-known car hacks that can turn you from a novice to a pro car owner. Here are five of the best car hacks that we think you should know.

Never Forget Where You’re Parked

Do you have a habit of parking your car somewhere, only to realize later that you have no idea where you left it? Never lose your car again by dropping a pin on your smartphone’s map when you park. Then when you need to return to your car later, you can pull up directions to the pin you placed. If your built-in map app doesn’t let you drop a pin, you can download an app like iParkedHere┬áor Park Me Right┬áto help you keep track of where you’re parked.

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5 Hilarious Chevy Commercials

Chevy Happy Grad CommercialWhen you have to sit through commercials on television, it can be a pain. However, when you’re presented with funny commercials, at least you get a little entertainment. Chevy has released thousands of commercials over the years, and many of them have been downright hilarious.

End of the World

The premise of Chevy’s End of the World commercial may not be lighthearted, but the overall feel of the commercial lends to levity. Starting off with a man and his dog driving through an apocalyptic scene, it feels depressing. However, combined with overly dramatic shots, the song “Looks Like We Made It,” and featuring Twinkies, this commercial comes together to make you laugh. This commercial first aired during the 2012 Super Bowl.

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