4 Budget-Friendly Date Nights Near Madison, TN

13966964615_4ee865458dHaving a date night in Madison doesn’t mean that you will have to break your wallet in order to enjoy the evening with the one you love. These destinations are affordable and will give you a unique experience to share on your night out on the town. When you are this close to the Music City, there are plenty of options to enjoy the evening and these are some of the most affordable in the area.

Belcourt Theatre

Belcourt Theatre has been around since 1925, where it was originally opened to show silent movies. The theatre has reopened in 2016 after being newly renovated with the most renovations in over 50 years. There are over 160,000 visitors every year, and it is only getting bigger. This is a perfect place to go for film lovers that enjoy independent films and live performances with everything happening in one place. General admission is $10 per person and there are also options for dining while enjoying the entertainment.

Love Circle

The park known as Love Circle is also known to locals in the area as lover lane. This cozy spot is found on top of a steep hill that overlooks the city. The site is popular for viewing fireworks on the Fourth of July and romantics all year-long. It is a common place for couples to visit while enjoying picnics on date nights as well. The cost is free aside from anything that you would want to take along on your evening out on the town.

Cheekwood Art and Gardens

At the Cheekwood Art and Gardens you will find everything you can expect to make a date complete. Admission is $16 per person with discounts to military, youth, college students, and seniors. The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens offers over 55 acres to walk through and discover everything that the grounds have to offer. There are over 12 different gardens to visit and walk through with unique and beautiful landscapes that vary. Everything that you would want to find on a date day you will find while surrounded by nature at every turn.

United Record Pressing

This is a very unique place to visit for the day if your date enjoys music. A visit to the United Record Pressing facility for a tour would be a perfect date idea. United Record Pressing has been in the vinyl business since 1949 and have worked with clients like Motown and Jay-Z. The facilities have even created a place to house execs from time to time that is still viewable today. Tours in the facilities are available at $10 per person and are available every Friday.

No matter what your budget is there are date nights that are completely affordable that you and your date will absolutely love. Even on a budget you can enjoy the outdoors or an evening out on the town. This list will help to give you a few more date night ideas that will cost you less than a trip to the movies.

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