The Top 4 Things to Do in Madison, TN

madisonLying just a few miles north of downtown Nashville, Madison, Tennessee, has much to offer those who have a chance to visit this charming and historic neighborhood. The city is easy to reach from anywhere in the region due to its close proximity to major highways and interstates. Madison plays host to one of the area’s major modern shopping areas that includes major chain retailers as well as unique local businesses, while at the same time offering visitors a glimpse into the past, with sites such as the Nashville National Cemetery and The Historic Hermitage, the home of President Andrew Jackson.

Nashville National Cemetery

The Nashville National Cemetery is a sprawling and picturesque site, set apart from the surrounding area by an old stone fence. This cemetery is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places and can be found on Gallatin Road. Those buried here include Civil War Veterans, some of whom perished in the battles fought in the immediate area, such as the battle of Franklin. Encompassing over 65 acres, visitors are encouraged to bring rubbing paper and graphite in order to make tracings of notable headstones.


One of two principle sections of Madison, Rivergate serves as the center for local shopping as well as a wide variety of restaurants. Located on Rivergate Parkway in nearby Goodletsville, the Rivergate Mall features over one million square feet of retail space. Spend time browsing through the wares of over 150 stores before grabbing a bite to eat at the food court of one of the largest malls in Tennessee. Major chain outlets and unique local offerings abound in the immediate area.

Downtown Madison

The downtown area of Madison serves as the other hub for the community. Located just a mile from Rivergate on the road known by locals as the “Motor Mile,” downtown Madison hearkens back to an earlier time in the town’s history. With charming architecture and a local feel, downtown Madison serves as the focus for the local inhabitants who have roots stretching back to the earliest days in the area’s history, as well as a burgeoning art scene.

Jackson Estate

Visitors to the Madison area with an interest in history should not miss the opportunity to visit the nearby Hermitage, the estate of former President of the United States Andrew Jackson. This former plantation is on the U.S. Register of Historic Places, and is a United States National Landmark. The mansion was built on a site chosen by Jackson’s wife, where the couple had once resided in a log cabin. The mansion, built in 1835, is now a museum featuring recreations of the slave quarters once on the property, as well as artifacts from the life of “Old Hickory” himself.

Madison retains the charm of a small Tennessee town with a unique history and cultural sites, while at the same time serving as an important suburban center, with ample shopping, local restaurants, inviting parks and more, all waiting to be enjoyed by the first time visitor.

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