The Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in Nashville

goWhether you are a “90’s kid” or someone who is just taking part in the current fad that is ‘Pokemon Go’, you have probably witnessed several hundred people wondering aimlessly in populated areas on their smartphones. While seeing pedestrians wondering aimlessly on smart phones isn’t all too uncommon, you may have noticed that many of them are wondering in the same areas and swiping with their index fingers. That is because they are catching ‘virtual Pokemon’ that are ‘hiding’ in the real world. ¬†These Pokemon pop up and challenge you to catch them by throwing ‘Pokeballs’ at them in order to capture the monster. So what’s the big deal with this?

For people like myself who grew up in the early 90’s, Pokemon captured a major part of my childhood playtime among friends. The current Pokemon craze is a perfect storm of collective nostalgia and social cohesion among young adults that want to play a modern version of an old past-time. That isn’t to say that an older demographic hasn’t become involved either. This ‘Black-Friday’esque phenomenon ¬†has been a ton of fun to watch. I’ve even witnessed salesmen here denying they were trying to catch Pokemon on the lot! (cough Steven Holloway cough).¬†Yes, the video below is real (see the guy exiting the car just catch a virtual monster while leaving his Lexus behind). Check out hundreds of people running to find a release of a rare monster.[embedyt][/embedyt]

While Nashville may not be New York City, it still has some pretty awesome places to play. The game requires you to stop at ‘Pokemon Centers’ and optional ‘Pokemon Gyms’ where players can fight it out amongst random opponents with their monsters. The rules of Pokemon Go require you to do just that. So while your reasoning behind traveling from place to place may be a bit goofy, Nashville has pretty cool places to play the game. Just make sure to bring your phone charger!

(in no specific order)

1.)  Centennial Park РNashville, TN

The Parthenon

It seems that heavily populated areas are great for catching an abundance of monsters. What better place to do it than Centennial where the Parthenon is just steps away and all the greenery and ponds make for a fun evening. Plus, who can judge you for playing Pokemon in the park when everyone else is doing it?

2.)  Nashville Public Library

Here is why the Nashville Public Library is the bomb. 3 Pokestops. That’s right, three. If you don’t really feel like moving and want to rack up on items, just hang out by the ‘Pokestops’ and catch some Pokemon. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up some awesome books too!

3). Yazoo Brewing Company


910 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203

Finally, we picked Yazoo Brewing Company. How much of our decision was influenced by the great selection of craft beers remains to be seen, but the fact that it’s a ‘Pokemon’ Gym helps too. Want to relax in the Gulch and flex some Pokemon muscle at the same time? Yazoo it is!

Have any suggestions on where to go? Want to share your favorite spots? Tell us at  the #1 Volume GM dealer in Tennessee. Check our blog for more great stuff in the future, and remember, we WILL make a deal!






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