5 Hilarious Chevy Commercials

Chevy Happy Grad CommercialWhen you have to sit through commercials on television, it can be a pain. However, when you’re presented with funny commercials, at least you get a little entertainment. Chevy has released thousands of commercials over the years, and many of them have been downright hilarious.

End of the World

The premise of Chevy’s End of the World commercial may not be lighthearted, but the overall feel of the commercial lends to levity. Starting off with a man and his dog driving through an apocalyptic scene, it feels depressing. However, combined with overly dramatic shots, the song “Looks Like We Made It,” and featuring Twinkies, this commercial comes together to make you laugh. This commercial first aired during the 2012 Super Bowl.

Wood Chipper

A group of five people sits around a table, talking to a man at a marketing and research company. He asks to collect their phones so they can’t post pictures. However, he takes the phones and puts them into a wood chipper. The looks on the faces of those in the commercial are hilarious, while at the same time, you can feel your own heart race at the thought of your phone being turned into mulch. One woman even says she wants to punch the man in the face. Luckily, the phones aren’t actually destroyed, and the marketer gives them back to the people. This is a 2016 commercial for the Chevy Cruze.


Another unique take at a funny commercial is the Cages spot. There are a few men in a room with two cages, one steel and the other aluminum. In a control room, the Chevy actor tells these people he will be releasing a live bear into the room, and they need to choose a cage now. The 700-pound grizzly bear comes into the room and circles the men in cages. The Chevy Silverado is then shown, since it is made with high-strength steel. The ridiculousness of this commercial simply makes it funny.


Horror and hilarity come together in a Malibu commercial. You see ghosts; the woman featured seems to be going a little insane; and overall, it has a dark feel. As the woman starts walking toward a door, which obviously has something creepy behind it, you hear people yelling at her to leave the house. They say, “What are you doing? Stop! There’s a monster in there!” and the actress responds. If you’ve ever enjoyed a good horror movie and yelled at the screen before something bad happens, you’ll love the humor of the actor responding to viewers.

Happy Grad

One of the 2012 Super Bowl commercials from Chevy showed an overdramatic response to a misunderstanding. A high school graduate gets a gift from his parents, and while he thinks it’s the Camaro sitting outside the house, it’s actually a mini fridge for his dorm. The grad’s response is so over the top that it’s funny. While you don’t get to see the resolution of the misunderstanding, it’s not hard to imagine it’s just as hilarious.

It’s no surprise to anyone that humor is subjective. However, if you take a look at the various Chevy commercials out there, you’ll find that many them are simply funny.

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